VP of Govt. Relations & Development

Conor Lucas

As the organization’s point person for legislative affairs and community relations, Conor Lucas provides policy insights for leadership and maintains relationships with elected officials, lobbyists, regulators, horse racing organizations and business leaders that are key to the company’s ongoing success.

Operating at the intersection of public policy and public relations, he identifies the clearest path to success and coordinates allies to ensure strong support. He establishes both short-term and long-range company objectives, evaluates operational effectiveness and implements changes needed for improvement.

He is a board member with the Kentucky Equine Education Project and was appointed by the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission to the Kentucky Quarter Horse, Paint Horse, Appaloosa and Arabian Development Fund Advisory Committee.

He previously led legislative efforts to change Arizona gaming laws on behalf of the horse racing industry and he also helped pass horse racing and gaming legislation in Louisiana and worked in sales with ASG Gaming.

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